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Río Oso Farm

Land. I wanted more land. In 1997 I started looking for land. The first place I found was 150-acres within a stone's throw of the Book Cliffs near East Carbon, Utah. Even with a mostly south-facing slope, lots of pinion and juniper, large bolders, and a stunning view towards the San Rafael Swell, this parcel had one significant problem. Well, two: water and an adjacent 10-acre parcel where Utah Power maintained a substation. The 60Hz hum from the substation was surprisingly audible at significant distances. So we didn't choose that one.

Deb wanted something a bit more wet. In the next Sunday paper (11 May) was an ad that said: Bear Lake area, 40 acres on river.

This image was taken in the days that the company I worked for was flush enough to allow the owner to occasionally rent a small airplane. The day this photo was taken, the three of us (there were only three) took the day off and flew north from Salt Lake City Airport #2 into southern Idaho. From about Ogden or perhaps a little farther north, we hopped over the mountains to Bear Lake and then on northward to the farm where I took this photograph.

After circling the farm a few times, we headed a bit west and then back south stopping at Bountiful to pick up some stuff before returning to Salt Lake #2.

[Río Oso Farm]


[Autumn at Río Oso Farm] [Old Farm Implement] [Riprap]
[Muskrat Pond] [Old Cat Tails] [Flowers above Bern]
[Summer Squall] [Summer Squall] [View of Bear Lake Valley]


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