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[I] own and operate Río Oso Farm, Inc at its world headquarters in the town of Heber City, Utah. What I am today is the result of all of my past experiences and of my relationships with the people I love and who love me.

After high school, I drifted about for a few years until joining the US Navy in 1976. Before sending me to sea on a submarine, the Navy sent me to Sub School in Groton, Connecticut, electronics and Poseidon Missile Fire Control schools in Dam Neck, Virginia, and then back to Groton to join my ship. After reporting aboard the USS Will Rogers SSBN659(B) I punched holes in the ocean for the rest of my enlistment. Had the Navy allowed me to keep going to sea, I probably would have stayed in. But, they wanted me to teach at Sub School so I got out.

After the Navy, I spent a few years working at Soundstream (the digital recording company, NOT the car stereo company). Then, when that business folded, I worked for a data communication company until they sacked most of the engineering department. Until December, 2008, I did engineering for a small electronics company that specializes in real-time embedded Java. On my own now.

I'm a member of the Utah Llama Association, IMpaca! (the Intermountain West Alpaca Association), and Wasatch Woolpack Handspinners.

I'm casting about now to find new things to do for fun. Used to chase balloons at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta every October, but after nearly twenty years: been there, done that, got way too many t-shirts. Used to brew my own beer, but now I rarely drink. I read - a lot, and occasionally spin from my own carded roving. I enjoy bird watching and have more than 200 species on my life list, nearly 50 of those were observed at the original Río Oso Farm, Inc World Headquarters in Herriman, Utah. Beginning with the 2009 (25th) Sundance Film Festival I've been a volunteer crowd liaison worker-bee.

Río Oso Farm is a real place in southeastern Idaho. The Bear River bisects the farm, hence the name.

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