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[B]ecause spam is such a problem, I have systematically sifted through the web to find as many references to my e-mail addresses as possible and done what I could to remove them. On my web site I have attempted to obfuscate my e-mail addresses by writing the underlying mailto: link in ways that a browser could read and interpret but might not be legible to a web crawler looking for e-mail addresses. These efforts were only marginally beneficial because not all places where my e-mail addresses exist can be changed and because web crawlers are getting smarter.

The Mail Warder is my most recent attempt to combat spammers. Written in php, it is an assemblage of some code found on the Internet augmented with some of my own coding. Unfortunately, by the time I found the basic script that Mail Warder is adapted from, the author's name had been lost. Where I have an author's name, it is preserved in the code.

Unlike many form mail pages, Mail Warder provides a BIG box for you to write your message in. I have always intensely disliked the tiny little boxes that some web sites use. And, at those other sites, once I've written the message I don't have a copy of what I wrote unless my corespondent includes it in a reply. With Mail Warder you will get a copy of your message. Tick the checkbox to disable this feature if you don't want a copy.