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[I]f your fleece has a lot of veg in it, it may benefit from an additional pass through the carder. This fleece is first shearing alpaca. The fleece is loaded with a great variety of vegetation - some of it tiny, sharp, stickery things which make it very unpleasant to handle. The first picture shows the fleece after washing and picking.

[Debris in washed, picked, alpaca]

By taking my time and feeding the carder slowly, a preliminary pass through the carder (to a batt) opens the fleece much more than the picker can. Essentially I use the carder as a very fine picker. The next picture shows the fleece after the first pass through the carder.

[After one pass through the carder]

And then one more pass through the carder to make roving. It isn't perfect but it's much cleaner than it was.

[and finished roving]