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These bumps are unblended kid Mohair. They were a challenge to card. The image at left is very slightly out of focus. The "fuzziness" of the roving along with the effects of the image size reduction make it appear more out of focus.

The image at right - cropped from the original photograph - gives an indication of why this roving was a challenge. The open, loose, structure of the bump is typical of pure mohair roving.

[Mohair Bumps] [Mohair Close-up] [Mohair Close-up]

These two bumps are light gray mohair. The bump on the left is unblended while the bump on the right is an 85/15 blend of the same gray mohair with white Merino. Typical of pure mohair, the left bump has a loose, slumped apearence while the blend is firmer and more upright.

[Mohair and Mohair/Merino Blend]