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Non-uniform fiber

This is an extreme case of non-uniformity. The photo is looking at the web of fibers that are coming off the doffer as they are laid on the storage roll. The longer, finer, fawn-colored fibers don't show well in this image but are generally aligned on a south, south-east direction (north at top). The stronger white fibers have no particular orientation other than contrary to the desired orientation. There are a couple of very short fawn clumps at the left that were only partially disassembled by the carder. Notice also that the web has varying thickness. You can see through the web in the upper right quarter of the photo.

The random orientation of the strong white fibers prevents the formation of an acceptable batt. The web would accumulate for a few revolutions of the storage roll but the weak connection between layers could no longer support the gathering fiber's weight. When that happened the fiber slumped off onto the floor. All I could do with this fiber was make clouds.



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