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[A] budgetary pricing guesstimate can be calculated using this simple form. From the drop-down box choose the type of fiber you want to have processed. Then supply the raw (grease) weight of the fiber in pounds and tenths of pounds. You may specify raw weight to greater precision but the calculator will just round off to the nearest 10th of a pound.

There is always a difference between the weight of raw fiber and the weight of the finished roving or batts. This "loss" is due to the removal of dirt, lanolin, veg, and other contaminants. Leaving the "Loss" field blank will cause the calculator to use the historical average "Loss" value for the chosen fiber type.

The historical average is just that, an average. There is no guarentee that your fiber will have a similar "loss" factor. We cannot know how much loss there will be until the job is done - it's that predicting-the-future thing again.

1 - Fiber Type:

2 - Raw weight: (pounds)

3 - Loss: (percent - leave blank to use historical average)


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