[Shearing Title]

[M]y customers sometimes say nice things about my work. Sometimes they even put it in writing...

[T]his quote is from Janet Otterness' June 22, 2005 Farm Journal.

"The second event was "Shearing Day". Last Saturday, Scott Kendall sheared 32 alpacas and 4 llamas. We had help from Kevin and Jeffers, Deb, the Merrills, Mike and Randy, Cindy and Mike D., Angel, and especially, our son-in-law, Nathan, who always watches that I don't over do on my energy.

A great time was had by all (I hope) and we shared food and fellowship as we tried to tell the alpacas apart from the deck afterwards. I love the shorn look and the wild topknots. Scott was so gentle when he sheared the new babies. They were not even scared, and I noticed a few little extra pats he gave them."

Janet Otterness
Alta Mist Alpacas