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[R]estos Roving (restos is a Spanish word meaning remains) is made from the bits of clean fiber remaining after carding. The Restos fiber comes from the 'starts' and tail-ends of each carding job. I 'start' each bump by pulling a few feet of roving from the center so that it is easier for spinners to pull. All 'starts' are returned to the input of the carder except for the 'start' from the last bump which goes into the Restos bag. At the end of a carding job, the roving density tapers off to nothing so that, too, goes into the Restos bag. I also put the bits of fiber left clinging to the batt drum in the Restos bag. The 'start' and tail-end from the last bump of this year's Restos is already in the Restos bag.

As you can see, each bump of Restos Roving is different and will create an equally singular and novel yarn. No attempt is made to organize the fibers by type or by color - generally whatever fiber comes to hand on the infeed table is fed into the carder. Restos Roving is not thoroughly blended because it would produce a thoroughly uninteresting gray. Spinners should expect the character of the roving to change foot to foot. The fibers in this year's Restos Roving production are listed below.

Restos Roving is only produced when the restos bag is filled.

Click the picture to see photos of the individual bumps.

[The 2006 Restos Roving Production]

[T]he 2006 Restos Roving production includes these fibers*:

Colors* are predominantly natural and range from white to black and include browns, fawns, and several different grays. There isn't much dyed fiber in this batch.

*FiberWorks does not guarentee that a bump of Restos Roving has any or all of the listed fibers or colors.