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Bear River FiberWorks Roving Store

[A]t a shearing I did in Montana in 2006, my customer skirted her fleeces as soon as they were off the alpacas. The skirtings ended up in a pile on the barn floor. This roving is made from that pile and includes the skirtings from the blankets of some 20ish alpacas. Colors cover the entire spectrum of natural alpaca colors from white to black, fawns and browns.

Because it is skirtings, it does have a variety of staple lengths and fiber qualities (it includes a bit of belly, neck, and leg fiber). You will find the occasional second cut and a bit of veg (though surprisingly little of either). When carding it I made no attempt to choose what colors were to be part of each bump.

[B]umps are individually packaged in snug plastic bags to protect them from abrasion.

[W]ant to buy? Contact me and tell me which bumps you'd like. First come first served. Click on the image to see photos of the individual bumps.

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