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Bear River FiberWorks Roving Store

[T]hese bumps are neck fiber gifted to me by two of my shearing customers.

[Maggie's Neck] Maggie is a uniquely colored huacaya. This year after shearing she finally gave her owners a cria that is her same color (a girl!) - something for which they've long been hoping. Maggie is an older girl so this fiber isn't ultra soft but her unique color (I think) makes up for that. Unfortunately there was only enough for a single bump.

#10: 5oz $15 - SOLD

[Carlotta's Neck] These two bumps are white alpaca from a young huacaya girl on a suri ranch. Very soft, these bumps have a bit of veg that just would not come out - a tendency I've noted in finer alpaca fleeces.

#6: 5oz $15
#8: 5oz $15

Bumps are individually packaged in snug plastic bags to protect them from abrasion.

Want to buy? Contact me and tell me which bumps you'd like. First come first served. Click on the images to see larger photos of thes bumps.